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Free-lance editing, writing, research, indexing services… and more

Member: American Society of Indexers, Emerson & Thoreau Societies, Phi Beta Kappa.


ü        Published historian and literary scholar.

ü        Creative background in arts, humanities, and award-winning filmmaking.

ü        High-level experience as a senior writer-editor for print and web in corporate and marketing communications.

ü        Specialties:

o         academic studies

o         biography

o         environment

o         information technology

o         film history and criticism

o         fine art

o         history

o         literary history & criticism

o         popular culture

o        social studies



Université de Paris, General Curriculum
Columbia University, M.A., cum laude, Romance Languages and Literatures
Harvard College, A.B., magna cum laude. Phi Beta Kappa
Sweetbriar Junior Year, Université de Paris, mention bien
Phillips Exeter Academy, Classical Diploma


Scholarly Publications (selected)


"Totem and Taboo in the Lone Star State: A Second Look at John Sayles’s Lone Star" – Forthcoming @ MyMovies

"'I Heard a Very Loud Sound…': Thoreau Processes the Spectacle of Sudden, Violent Death" – ATQ: 19th C. Americqan Literature and Culture, 19:2 (June 2005

"'A Sylvan Appearance': An Instance of Wordplay in The Maine Woods" – Thoreau Society Bulletin No. 233 (Fall 2000)

"A Lot in the Woods: Results of the First Annual Thoreau Pun Survey" – Thoreau Society Bulletin No.  231 (Spring 2000)

  Book Reviews in Thoreau Society Bulletin:
Alan D. Hodder, Thoreau's Ecstatic Witness Thoreau Society Bulletin No. 241 (Fall 2002)
Elizabeth Witherell, ed., Collected Essays and Poems of ThoreauThoreau Society Bulletin No. 241 (Fall 2002)
William Cain, ed., Oxford Companion to ThoreauThoreau Society Bulletin No. 233 (Summer 2001)
Michael West, Transcendental WordplayThoreau Society Bulletin No. 231 (Spring 2000)

  The Thoreau Institute: Grand Opening Commemorative Book (Lincoln MA, 1998)

"A Captain with the Insurgents: Jason Parmenter of Bernardston" in Martin Kaufman, ed., Shays’ Rebellion: Selected Essays (Westfield MA: Institute for Mass. Studies, 1987)

"No Blacks or Whites: The Making of Buñuel's 'Young One'" - Cineaste, 20:3 (1994)

"Mystery and Melodrama: A Conversation with Georges Franju" - Film Quarterly, 35:2 (1981-82)

"'I am Not a Producer!': A Conversation with Serge Silberman" - Film Quarterly, 33:1 (1979)


Translations (selected)


Eric Michaud, "The Real as a Primal Scene (A Note on Art and Devouring)," Utopia Post Utopia, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, 1988

(Edited and translated) Robert Benayoun, The Look of Buster Keaton,
NY: St. Martin's Press, 1983

Pier Paolo Pasolini, "The Cinema of Poetry," in Bill Nichols, ed., Movies and Methods, Berkeley: U of California Press, 1976


Information Architect and Webmaster – Calliope, Inc. 


§          Repurposed research archives of this award-winning educational media company into an information-rich web site with appeal to multiple audiences.

§          Enhanced history, literature, and popular culture topics for students and teachers with curriculum builders and interdisciplinary links.

§         Tailored access and navigation to suit multiple learning styles.


Consultant – National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution   1998-2001

Contributed to the planning of the Smithsonian's ultimate Mall museum as a contract consultant with Rare Media Well Done, a museum conceptualization company:

§          Contributed research and copywriting to vision statements supporting architects' exhibit plans.

§          Consulted on architecture and navigation for an intranet reference tool designed to support technical decision-making by staff and contractors.

§          Collaborated with virtual team to construct the relational databases at the core of the prototype.

§          Collaborated on Practices Guidelines, ensuring that all content respects and reflects the values of Native American peoples of North and South America.


Managing Partner & Creative Writing Director – Think! Interactive Design 1996-2000

§          Wrote and edited reader-friendly content for HTML files.

§          Consulted with clients in planning and content sessions.

§          Collaborated with creative teammates on site design and architecture.


Business Writing 1986-2003

§          Scripting for Interactive Media, Videos, Demos
Web Sites - Corporate Overviews - Executive Speeches
§          700 Interactive, Motion Picture, Print, Speech, and Slide Presentations in 15 years
§          Brochures & Product Descriptions: Networks and Telecomm, Internet and Intranet, Human Genome Project, Molecular Engineering, Education

Some Clients: Adobe | BioQuest Venture Leasing | Compaq Computer Corp. | Converse | Hewlett-Packard | Rare Media Well Done | Shiva | Silver Burdett & Ginn | Thoreau Institute | Think! Interactive Design | Walden Woods Project

Awards and Fellowships

Grand Prize, Best Dramatic Film, Sundance Festival
American Film & Video Festival
C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle (twice)
Governor's Commendation, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Artist's Fellowship (twice), The Artists' Foundation
Fulbright Fellowship

Full-Time Teaching

School of the Museum of Fine Arts,
-Film Department Head

Tufts University
-Art History: the French surrealist movement (various media)
-Art History: global cinema


Part-Time Teaching and Guest Lectures (selected)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Humanities Department
-Lecturer in Film History

Boston University, School of Public Communication
-Instructor in Basic Filmmaking

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (guest lectures in film history)
University of Massachusetts, Boston (extension course in American history)
Jonas Clarke Middle School, Lexington, Mass. (Internet and Macintosh skills)




Université de Lyon (France), Panelist-presenter (invited), 2009 Conference.

Thoreau Society. Panelist-presenter. 2004 Annual Gathering, Concord, MA.

American Literary Association. Panelist-presenter. 2002 Conference, Long Beach, CA.

Independent Feature Film. Panelist. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, sponsored by the Massachusetts Film Office.

Independent Feature Production. Organizer and moderator. Boston. Conference supported by the Massachusetts Arts Council.

The Independent Feature Project. Steering Committee Member. Founding Conference, New York City.

U.S. Conference for an Alternative Cinema. Delegate of Boston Film/Video Foundation. Bard College.

Service and Program Administration

Calliope.org. Co-founding Officer and Webmaster, 1977-present. A nonprofit multimedia producer and web publisher celebrating 25 years in arts, humanities and public education.

The Thoreau Project (a public education initiative of Calliope.org). An Internet learning site for all ages dedicated to the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau and his times: www.calliope.org/thoreau/

Boston Film/Video Foundation. Co-Founding Board Member, 1976-80. President and Chairman, 1980-81. A nonprofit regional center for independent film, video and performance art, supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Additional Professional Background

Member, American Society of Indexers (New England Chapter)
History Panelist, National Endowment for the Humanities, Media Program
Nominator, The Sundance Institute
Regional Juror, American Film Festival


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