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Thoreau Reader. A premier resource created by Richard Lenat and now a joint undertaking with the Thoreau Society. Complete online texts (some annotated) including Walden, The Maine Woods, Cape Cod, Civil Disobedience, Life without Principle, Slavery in Massachusetts, and Walking.

  • Loaded with images, biographical sketches and studies, spoofs, references (including a 1913 unabridged Webster's), links to many other Thoreau sites, and excellent teacher/student aids such as the Walden Express.

The Thoreau Institute and Walden Woods Project continue their important activism in environmental conservation; offer innovative education programs for youth, educators, and lifelong learners, and provide excellent research facilities -- an outstanding library and archive right in Walden Woods. The site offers calendars of upcoming events.

The Thoreau Society is the oldest and largest American literary society devoted to a single author. Every Thoreauvian should join and support it. Members conduct an annual Gathering in Concord every July.. The Shop at Walden Pond offers online purchasing of books and specialties.

The Writings of Henry D. Thoreau Richly informative site by the editors of the authoritative Writings of Henry D. Thoreau, based at the University of Santa Barbara, known as "The Princeton Edition." New features on this redesigned site include Online Journal Transcripts, and Thoreau's Handwriting.

Henry David Thoreau Online is a thorough and reliable site offering six major books, nearly 30 essays, correspondence with Emerson, and more.

The late Thoreau scholar and conservation activist Stephen Ells's Thoreau Research Site includes superb natural history bibliographies; profiles of many locations in "Thoreau country"; an appreciation of the 1896 edition of Thoreau's "Cape Cod" with artwork by Amelia Watson; and much more. (Ells's Personal Home Page is worth your visit, too.)

The web site of Thoreau scholar Bradley P. Dean,, has been maintained as a memorial and a rich repository of Thoreau-related files since Dean's untimely death in 2006.

Prof. Ann Woodlief's rich, web-savvy site about the Transcendentalist authors.

Jone Johnson Lewis's independent site offers useful links to online texts, graphics, and biographical and historical information (including background about Transcendentalism and Unitarianism).

Paul P. Reuben's independent site at Cal State Stanhope offers useful links and discussions.

Houghton Mifflin's "Online Instructors' Guide for the Heath Anthology of American Literature" offers pages about Thoreau, Emerson, Margaret Fuller, David Walker, Frederick Douglass, and William Lloyd Garrison, among others, in its Early 19th Century section.

Thoreau and the Underground Railroad. Right here on our own web site, extensive information about the Underground Railroad in New England, African-Americans in Boston and Concord, and Thoreau's activism.

Underground Railroad Site -- Information and links to plenty of resources. Created by high-school teachers in a distance-learning project.
For general information on African American life in Thoreau's Boston, see the following:

An innovative site worth visiting is the Stack of the Artist of Kouroo (also known as The Kouroo Contexture, named after Thoreau�s parable in Walden). This site draws upon a huge database created by Austin Meredith, a Thoreau researcher and information systems expert, while at Brown University. Navigation is via a novel technology that he calls "hypercontext" (different from hypertext). In its current state, the site offers visitors an interlinked trove of downloadable PDF files concerning Thoreau and his times, all based on a great deal of special research undertaken by Meredith, and representing only about one percent of the information in the whole database -- the portion of the Kouroo contexture that Meredith has been able so far to put online without any funding.

The European Thoreauvian: This multilingual cache of European Thoreau scholarship provides fresh insights from several philosophers, notably the site�s founder, Antonio Casado da Rocha [biography] � see especially Casado�s important essay on Thoreau�s �hybrid� politics.

Did you know that Thoreau made his living as a land surveyor? It was a profession he loved -- it kept him outdoors, the hours were flexible, and he served his community. The Concord Free Public Library 's Dept. of Special Collections offers web pages with all of Thoreau's hand-drawn maps and diagrams, as well as many resources about Thoreau, Emerson and the era, among its Special Collections.

And sample some other online readings--

  • Read Thoreau's Natural History of Massachusetts, (1842), his first major prose work, online.
  • "Concord Writers on the Web" - Links to texts by & about Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, and the Alcotts, provided by the town of Concord.
  • Green Thoreau: Global Warming

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