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A Page in Thoreau's Journal

Thoreau's two-million-word diary was once viewed merely as the sketchbook for more accomplished works. Today it is appreciated in itself - for its unstructured freedom, its many styles, and its modern character.

    • Where should I start? We recommend A Year in Thoreau's Journal: 1851, Penguin Classics, 1993. Thoreau was 34 at this time and just starting to use his journal to record extensive science observations nearly every day.
    • This web page offers occasional passages from the Journal.

In keeping with this year's focus on Transcendentalism Then and Now, we offer the following thought written on June 16, 1854:

I feel that to some extent, the state has fatally interfered with my just and proper business. It has not merely interrupted me in my passage through Court Street on errands of trade, but it has to some extent interrupted me and every man on his onward and upward path in which he had trusted soon to leave Court Street far behind. I have found that hollow which I had relied on for solid.

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Teachers! Thoreau is your gateway to the "American Renaissance," the Transcendentalists, environmental science, the turbulent decades leading up to the Civil War... and key figures and episodes in African American history. Use these Thoreau pages and links provided by Calliope to enhance your curriculum.

Thoreau = Interdisciplinary

Visit all our subject areas in American history and culture:
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